Discoverable, Unconditional, Structured

Open Data Hong Kong is an open, participative, volunteer-run group of Hong Kong citizens who support Open Data, founded in March 2013. Anyone is welcome to join, take part and lead.

We are engaged citizens. Members are people who value government transparency. Some of us are analysts who study data, others are researchers of public trends, programmers who work with data visualisation, people developing data-driven apps, public servants who want to open government data to the public, to name just a few.

What we do:

  • Raise awareness and share knowledge about Open Data and its benefits;
  • Facilitate collaborations among Open Data supporters;
  • Advocate for increased availability and quality of Open Data.

We do this by:

  • Collecting and providing resources about Hong Kong Open Data;
  • Organising events for the community to connect, collaborate, share, and understand;
  • Liaising with the Hong Kong government and other sectors to facilitate the release and improved quality of Open Data.

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Open Data versus the Coronavirus

While Open Data Day is cancelled, join us on 9th Feb for a virtual meetup discussing coronvirus open data approaches to understand and tackle the recent 2019 novel coronavirus that has broken out in mainland China and now Hong Kong.

Celebrating the Success of Hong Kong’s Citizen Scientists

Hong Kong’s school children show they can contribute more to global research than so called “professional” scientists can, with their global mosquito alert data ending up in the GBIF repository. Come and gather with Hong Kong’s Citizen Scientists for a talk from Prof H Kibori to find out more.

Unlocking the Value of Open Data Wishlists

May all your Open Data wishes come true One common question and topic of discussion in the Hong Kong Open Data community is what datasets do users need to get hold of. Releasing government data takes resources, and so the OGCIO (Office of the Government Chief Information Officer) has to prioritize what they are able […]