ODHK.Meet.04 Meetup

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Thursday 27 June, 2013 2013-06-27

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Next Thursday is Open Data Meet.04 on June 27 (next Thursday!)

Come out and join us, and feel free to bring a friend.
Whether you’re familiar with Open Data or not, come on out, and you’ll be in great company to find out more, connect with others, and maybe even collaborate on a project.We’re bringing the community together again to connect and share insights. Whether you’re already familiar with Open Data or want to find out just what it is, come to our regular meetup (happens every 3 weeks) and meet fellow Hong Kong Open Data enthusiasts.

You can also help us at the event!

  • record it: (with your own video camera)
  • live-tweet it: (with your own smartphone)
  • take photos: (with your own digital camera)
  • do anything else to help us capture and share the goodness that happens at these meetups.

Just wave down Bastien when you arrive and say you’re ready to go!

Our still-important survey!
Please fill out the survey below and tell us about yourself. This survey was designed to be spread far and wide. The answers will allow us to find local contributors as well as distant lurkers.

Get involved!
Yep, we need help and are always open to ideas. Want to help run our getting-more-popular-by-the-day Facebook page, to run our not-often-updated Twitter account, to organise a meetup, to find us some sponsors, to make some nifty designs, or help out Github-supported with the website? Get in touch! Contact info below.

Have a question? Got a message you want sent out to the community? Want to get involved?
Contact Bastien (me) or email or tweet @BWaiC

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