ODHK supports the establishment of a Technology & Communications Bureau

Open Data Hong Kong supports Charles Mok’s initiative to establish the Technology and Communications Bureau in the 2014 Policy Address and 2014-15 Budget.
Through our engagement with OGCIO and the technology community in Hong Kong, we have identified a real need to establish a more agile approach to researching and experimenting with new technologies. Open Data is now a well established movement which is helping governments world-wide to be more efficient and accountable.
As one key example in the need for such a bureau, we know that this group would be able to help guide and financially support individual departments of the HKSAR in their development of a more engaged civil and open service. The code on access to information and their officers have been an important part of bringing PSI to citizens, but it lacks the ability to scale and to address more numeric and large datasets. The potential of reuse and discovery of not yet known uses of PSI are prime examples of what could be achieved if there were support and momentum from a central government agency. The establishment of a Technology and Communications Bureau will go a long way to achieving these goals.

Open Data Hong Kong is an open, participative, volunteer-run group of Hong Kong citizens who support Open Data, founded in March 2013. Members value government transparency. Some of us are analysts who study data, others are researchers of public trends, programmers who work with data visualisation, people developing data-driven apps, public servants who want to open government data to the public, to name just a few.
For more information, contact:
Darcy Christ, Media Liaison

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