Innovation and Technology Bureau – request for comments

Now an innovative way to get citizen input, with ODHK to show the way! Comment & review other comments on a LegCo document in Google Docs.

Legislative councillor +Charles Mok has developed a preliminary proposal to the Chief Executive last week regarding the role and structure of the Innovation and Technology Bureau (“ITB”) which will be put forward to LegCo.

The ITB will be very valuable for supporting Open Data and its benefits for innovation and analysis for citizens, as well as freedom of information, open science, technology innovation to position Hong Kong as a “smart city”. This preliminary document outlines (very broadly) how ITB can support Open Data, inside the HK Gov and with citizens and industry.

Your comments on this document are important! Is something missing to better support Open Data? Are there red flags? Does it not go far enough, or needs to be more specific? Please leave your comment in the document! (Right click in the document, “Comment”.

You can read comments I’ve already placed.


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