Open Data Hong Kong news roundup (28 Feb)

Roundup of Open Data Hong Kong news – week of Feb 28.

Next event: Meet.16 (upcoming Wednesday!)

Wednesday March 5, 7pm. meet16_03_FB Cover Photo

Topics: R stats programming language
R is very useful for journalists and data scientists to crunch sets of data to find trends and run scenarios. Guy Freeman and Fuk Chan of the Hong Kong R User Group will be giving us a practical overview of the R programming language that’s been getting people buzzing finding trends in statistical data and big data. They’ll be brazenly honest about it too – no pitches, just the low-down – how to use it, what to use it for, the shortcomings, the aggravations, and the awesome potential.

Energy data
Waltraut, Guillaume and Eric are hacking energy data, and they’re getting it open. Find out what is the state of energy data – public and private – in Hong Kong. Energy data is critical for sustainable urban development, smart city planning and climate change mitigation. Both private and public organisations collect data related to energy generation and consumption, some of it, e.g. utility consumption data, is held by private companies.

More info here:

Request for Comments: Legco Innovation and Technology Bureau

Legislative Councillor Charles Mok‘s office asked ODHK to comment on the preliminary proposal for the structure and role of the Innovation and Technology Bureau. The ITB will be very valuable for supporting Open Data and its benefits for innovation and analysis for citizens, as well as freedom of information, open science, technology innovation to position Hong Kong as a “smart city”. This preliminary document outlines (very broadly) how ITB can support Open Data, inside the HK Gov and with citizens and industry. Read our comments and add your own!

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ODHK Executive Committee (“ExCom”): Deadline tonight!

We are now moving to form an Executive Committee for Open Data Hong Kong. As a voluntary organisation we will always rely on the passion and goodwill of our members to lead projects, to take up positions and to contribute where they can. ODHK wants to act as a catalyst for Open Data projects, so that we can support great ideas and cultivate different approaches to infusing Open Data into the way Hong Kong is run.
Read more here about applying.

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HK Budget is out! Has support for Open Data

hkbudgetThe Hong Kong Budget 2014-2015 is out, and there’s support for Open Data! Sort of. Read Bastien’s round up here.

Some other Open Data projects include:


Open Data Hong Kong members are also quick to innovate on the budget. The Code4HK team have built a budget calculator (in Chinese) at


A very popular page reporting on the budget (Chinese) from an ODHK member visualises the data.

Open Data China initiative launched

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 5.52.42 pmCitizen’s in China are getting into Open Data! Check out their site (in Chinese). At least one ODHK member is involved!

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Gazetteer HK

Gazetteer Screen Shot

This exciting project started at the Open Data Hong Kong Make.02 event is getting a lot of buzz. 

Gazetteer “makes geographical data about Hong Kong’s diverse neighbourhoods accessible and easy to use…collecting and standardizing numerous datasets and making them available to everyone — journalists, researchers, developers, and anyone curious about the city around us.”

Check it out!

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App updates!

Heritage on the go – now on Android

ODHK member and Open Data Day collaborator Connie Leung’s team just released this app for Android. It displays information markers of declared monuments on Google Maps, locates declared monuments that are within the chosen proximity of the current location and displays location, name, address, opening hour, description, homepage, phone, email, remarks and QR code of declared monument’s URL. Check it out!

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Licencheck app – now on Android

The renowned IVE team are at it again. They’ve updated their notorious LicenCheck app for Android so you can look up if that restaurant is legit or not. Check it out!

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Interesting link:

Google “Making Sense of Data” online:

Data literacy is important, and its valuable to have useful tools to work with when using surveys, demographic informaion, evaluation data, test scores and observation data. Google has a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on making sense of Data. And no, this isn’t an advertisement. If you followed this, tell us what you think! Check it out:

Open Data Day

Last week was International Open Data Day! Organised with Sammy Fung and Haggen’s Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association, we hosted a hackathon at Good Lab in Prince Edward. There were 8 open data hack projects and we webconferenced with our Open Data counterparts in Taiwan, Shanghai and Chengdu! Check out some photos:

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