Support for Open Data in the HK Budget


Hong Kong’s budget chief loves Microsoft Excel- the budget was released in spreadsheet format.

The 2014-2015 budget was released and there is support for Open Data. Well, not exactly Open Data, but for “Public Sector Information“, which in Hong Kong, is close enough. There are 3 simple laws for Open Data:

  • Find: The data is indexable, available, findable;
  • Play: The data is machine-readable;
  • Share: The data is available for use without limitations.

These 3 laws seem to be covered in the budget’s section about building Hong Kong into a Smart City.

making all government information released for public consumption machine-readable in digital formats from next year onwards to provide more opportunities for the business sector. Currently, Public Sector Information available for free access covers real-time data such as road traffic information, geo-referenced public facility data, property market statistics, population census statistics, etc;

Legco councillor for IT Charles Mok points out there is another technical groundbreaking element to this budget as well:

For the first time the high level budget estimates are made available in excel format on budget website. A small but good first step in.the right direction…..

Sure enough, the Excel files of the estimates are available:

Summary of Expenditure Estimates (PDF PDF file) (Excel XLS file)

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Interesting HK budget data projects

Interesting tools and projects are out to help you crunch the numbers in the HK budget. Here are some below.

Inland revenue department calculator

IRD calculatorThe Inland Revenue Department also has an online calculator to help you build your own budget (in Chinese).


Open Data Hong Kong members are also quick to innovate on the budget. The Code4HK team have built a budget calculator (in Chinese) at code4hkbudgetcalculator


Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 7.37.42 pmA very popular page reporting on the budget (Chinese) from an ODHK member visualises the data

Other projects?

If you have any HK budget projects to be highlighted here, please leave a comment! Or post to our Open Data Hong Kong group.

Budget Hack event?

We’re considering a hackathon-like event to hack the HK Budget. Find trends, build other scenarios, improve visualizations. Interested? Please leave a comment or post to our Open Data Hong Kong group.
Thanks to Cedric Sam for posting in our Facebook group about the budget!


Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 11.00.25 amCedric Sam has posted lots of data visualization about the budget in the SCMP online. Check it out.

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