Open Data Hong Kong news roundup (18 Mar)

Roundup of Open Data Hong Kong news – week of 18 March 2014

Next event: Meet.17 (upcoming Tuesday!)

Tuesday 25 March, 2014

Meet 17 logo

Join us for our one year anniversary! That’s right! ODHK was started almost a year ago! Come celebrate. There will be drinks, cake, music, fun, and lots of open data!


  • Looking back – a review of the past year, ODHK Executive Committee voting, ODHK Excom Purpose, Roles, Who’s running, looking forward, upcoming series of HacKnight events, Next ODHK hackathon, Preview of the Hong Kong Open Source Conference and more! There will be cake and music! BYOB: Bring your own beer / alcohol!
  • Happening at the Good Lab in Prince Edward!

More info here

ODHK Excom vote at Meet.17

We have received applications for the Executive Committee (Excom). Thank you for your interest. It’s time now to proceed with voting! Voting will happen next week at Meet.17. To find out more about Excom and the slate of names, please read here (link).


RTHK looks at Open Data (in Cantonese)

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.35.08 pm

ODHK’s famous Team IVE featured in the RTHK documentary! The first Cantonese TV show about open data, aired on TVB and RTHK. (link)




LegCo releases Legislative History of Bills

We have just released the beta version of an API to access our Database on the Legislative History of Bills. This database contains key dates and the amendment history of some 6 000 Bills considered by the Council since 1906. The Database keeps track of the passage of a Bill such as its gazette date, dates of the three readings, formation and report of the corresponding Bills Committee, if any, and its discussions in Council meetings. Comments are welcome! (link)

CSV data with Data.Two Download

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 11.03.06 pmWithin moments of notifying us on the Facebook group, already CSV data was made available by the community. Check it out! (link)

Add your HK Open Data project to the list!

Please enter in your Open Data project here! We want to try and get a listing of all Open Data projects relevant to Hong Kong. You can enter any project. It doesn’t have to be your project. We will make these projects accessible on the ODHK website. Thank you! (link)

Prototype of HK Open Data projects showcase

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.56.11 pmAlready Francis has made a prototype to showcase Hong Kong open data projects. It will update based on the data from the spreadsheet above. Check it out! (link)

App: MTRdelay

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.37.14 pmOne of the interesting apps/sites demoed at the ODHK.Meet.16 was “MTRdelay”. Check it out! (link).
The source code is available here:




Upcoming Events

HK Open Source Conference 

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.47.43 pmMore than 10 overseas speakers will join us at the Hong Kong Open Source Conference, to share on various open source and open technology topics. From the Data.One project of OGCIO to the releases of voting record of the Legislative Council in machine-readable format, a number of open data initiatives have been kickstarted by various groups in Hong Kong. is a open source and open data community in Taiwan aimed to improve the society, it is one of the most outstanding open data community in Asia. We invited the co-founder of the famous open source developer in Taiwan – Chia-liang Kao, to describe how make use of open source model and technology to develop a number of open data applications.

World Internet Developer Summit 2014 @ 27-28 Mar 2014

Get ready for Hong Kong’s signature World Internet Developer Summit!
Hosted by Internet Society Hong KongCyberport and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, the action-packed two-day summit is the annual and signature cross-platform developer summit in the region.


Article: Wealthy countries share data

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.51.53 pm

The Oxford Internet Institute this week posted a nice visualization of the state of open data in 70 countries around the world, reflecting the willingness of national governments to release everything from transportation timetables to election results to machine-readable national maps. The tool is based on the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Open Data Index, an admittedly incomplete but telling assessment of who willingly publishes updated, accurate national information on, say, pollutants and who does not.

Read it: (link)
Note: HK is among the last 10.

Open Gov’t: Call for submissions by Gov’t of Indonesia

Call for submissions by the Government of Indonesia on innovative approaches to open government that will be showcased at the OGP Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Bali, Indonesia on May 6 – 7.

Seven ideas will be selected for Lightning Talks at the upcoming regional meeting. You may submit your own innovative idea or nominate someone else’s. The deadline for submitting your entry is March 23, 2014. To take part, simply fill in the nomination form at and describe your inspiring innovation.


Photos from Meet.16 (R & Open Energy Data)

Never been to an event? Come on out! A few photos from

More news!

Curated from Open Data Weekly

Introducing Streamtools: A graphical tool for working with streams of data 

(OpenNews) We see a moment coming when the collection of endless streams of data is commonplace. As this transition accelerates it is becoming increasingly apparent that our existing toolset for dealing with streams of data is lacking.

How Open Data Policies Unlock Innovation 

(Socrata) The World Wide Web just celebrated its twenty-fifth birthday. In the years since its inception, an entire generation has grown up with the web, and helped to shape it. For these people, Facebook, Amazon, and Google are the norm for connecting with friends and family, browsing a universe of goods, and searching the world’s information.

Sixteen ways councils can better use data 

(The Guardian) We asked experts to give their tips on making the most of data in local government. Here’s what they had to say.

“Open-washing” – The difference between opening your data and simply making them available 

(OKFN) Last week, the Danish it-magazine Computerworld, in an article entitled “Check-list for digital innovation: These are the things you must know“, emphasised how more and more companies are discovering that giving your users access to your data is a good business strategy.

Watch: The Power of open data by Sir Nigel Shadbolt (CeBit)

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