Make.03: Data with a Purpose


Open data is great, but it isn’t the end goal. Data can and should serve a larger purpose – to solve problems, tell stories, surface hidden truths. How could you use data to prevent human trafficking, to redistribute unwanted food, or understand what happens in LegCo? These, and many more projects are participating in the upcoming Make.03 hackathon. You can join one, or contribute your own idea on the sparkboard project tracker.

Data isn’t just for geeks, hacks and artists – you don’t have to be a programmer, journalist or designer to participate. We also need people who can organize teams, collect data, meet stakeholders, translate, contribute ideas.

As a longitudinal hackathon, Make.03 is more than a weekend sprints, as it plays out over a several weeks. This gives teams a wider selection of tools (e.g. data collection, meet stakeholders, crowd-source translation), and allows for more sustainable projects to be launched.

Project teams will be proposed and formed at our launch event on 10 May, at the JMSC media lab at the University of Hong Kong. After the initial meet, we’ll provide a dedicated place and time so teams have at least one touch point per week. Teams will receive support in acquiring, wrangling and presenting data. Other than that, teams are self-organized and can meet up as frequently as they wish.

The closing event on 12 June caters to each team’s specific needs. All teams will present their progress, but some will use the event for user-testing, to attract more collaborators, or even to invite the press and hold a mini-press conference.

Whatever purpose you have for open data, this event will help you realise it. See for updates.


Thanks to all of you who made it out to the JMSC today.
All the projects have been posted here
If you didn’t manage to join a team today but would still like to participate, please get in touch with one of the project leads. There’s also still room to launch your own project, but make sure to also announce it on the Facebook group to get the word out!

Project Leads

  • Civic Data Portal | Mart
  • OpenGov.Hk | Guy
  • LegCo Watch | Han
  • Cycling Everywhere | Jonas
  • MTR  – More To Repair? | Vincent
  • Dead man walking | Olivia
  • Waste Shifters | Daisy
  • Open Weather and Air Quality Data | Sammy
Hopefully all the groups managed to distribute their tasks and have decided on when to meet next. In collaboration with the GoodLab and the Platform coworking spaces, we’re providing all teams with a designated time and space to meet if they need the space.
Session Schedule
  • THU, 15 MAY – 19:00 – 23:00 – Open Session 1 | The GoodLab , Cheung Sha Wan
  • THU, 22 MAY – 19:00 – 23:00 – Open Session 2 | The Platform, Sheung Wan
  • THU, 29 MAY – 19:00 – 23:00 – Open Session 3 | The GoodLab , Cheung Sha Wan
  • THU, 5 JUN – TBC
  • THU, 12 JUN – 19:00 – 23:00 – Presentations | The Platform, Sheung Wan 

Meeting there is optional off course, but here’s the addresses with Google Maps:


Good Lab 好單位
The Sparkle Tower 2
500 Tung Chau St
Hong Kong
Find: Google Maps
The Platform
1-3/F 120 Connaught Road West,
Sai Ying Pun,
Hong Kong
Find: Google Maps

Thanks to the JMSC for hosting us, to the organising team for putting it together, and to all of you who ventured out into the uncharted space today!

All the best and I hope to see you again soon!