Meet.36: Legco visit

Tuesday, November, 22 at 1:45pm.
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Wanted a chance to visit Legco but never had the chance or didn’t know when’s the best time to go? Here’s your chance!
Hong Kong’s Legislative Council (Legco) is Hong Kong’s center seat for political debate and law-making. To stay informed about what is happening, we refer to the information Legco can provide to us. Increasingly, we rely on the data, to know what happened, what’s going on, and what’s coming up, because we want to review the votes of lawmakers, keep up with the current debate, and analyse upcoming legislation.

Tentative agenda
  • 2pm: Meet with OGCIO team
  • 3:30pm: Tour of Legco
  • 4:30 Meet with Legco IT
  • 6:00 Meet with Charles Mok, Legco councillor for the IT functional constituency

Some engaged citizens have built tools to better analyse legco proceedings, to better keep track of law-makers’ votes, chart the debate, and follow the legislative agenda. Cutting through the information and data isn’t easy, and providing this data is no easy task. Join this event to know better how Legco works, to connect with Legco’s technical staff, to understand their challenges, share your interests, and share some expertise. Confirm your seat early!
You will need to bring your HKID for sign-in, and I will need the name on your HKID in advance. Please email this to me at

(This event may expand to include meetings with other government departments)

Meet.35: Data Data Data

Wednesday, November 2 at 7pm at Campfire CoWorking Space in Kennedy Town
4/F Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield, Kennedy Town

We’re going to work with data, and start building a repository for common public data. Data about land, public transportation, public safety, political districts, weather, pollution, shark fins, the ivory trade, anything. Even “better data” – the data we want to see on and don’t see it. We’ll bring it all together, and make it shareable. We’ll discuss what we want to access, how we can get it, and liberate it for all to access and use.

You do NOT need to be technical to join this! Bring your minds and curiosity. Ask your questions, and start on a journey of getting the information you want.
We anticipate getting our hands dirty with data, so please bring your laptop if you can.

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NOTE: Do not follow Google Maps! Only 5 minutes from Kennedy Town MTR exit A, go UPHILL
Google Maps link:

Thank you to Campfire Collaborative Space for hosting us. Crafting an Open Data Policy

It’s time to craft an open data policy for Hong Kong. To do this, we can learn a lot from Taiwan, who are ranked #1 on the Global Open Data Index, due in no small part to the work of TH Schee, mayoral advisor to the Taipei City Government.
We’ll talk with TH Schee to know more about the wonderful things open data is doing for Taipei and Taiwan, about the open data policies in place, how it’s working in government, and know some strategies for communicating with government and stakeholders to get support for open data. We’ll also discuss how citizens, private sector and NGOs can make informed decisions with better access to data.


Justice Centre Hong Kong, 18th Floor, 202-204 Des Voeux Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Map location
MTR: Sai Ying Pun, head west from Exit A2
Thank you to the Justice Centre Hong Kong for hosting us.

More about T.h. Schee:

Since 2002, TH Schee has pioneered several web projects that spawned several local NGOs and start-ups. In 2006, he co-founded Association of Digital Cultures Taiwan, and was the local Taipei Wikimania host in 2007. In 2009, the Association became the first group in Asia to manage mobilized digital communities for crowdsourcing government data in response to a national crisis situation. Other endeavors include Puncar, the largest digital inclusion project at the local level. Schee was later awarded an Honorary Mention in Digital Communities from Prix Arts Electronica. Existing social ventures include Open Knowledge Taiwan, the Data Science Program, and various partnership initiatives that span across healthcare, urban development, and public service innovation. He has been an invited specialist on the UN-GGIM and serves at International Committee on Prix Ars Electronica. He is also mayoral advisor to the Taipei City Government.
See TH Schee’s TEDx talk (Chinese)
Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 7pm.

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Greater China Open Data Meet.01

A Google Hangout webconference call with Open Data / Taiwan’s T.h. Schee is on Monday Feb 9 at 5:30pm to share our insights and practices across Greater China. Join the call! One key topic is finding out how the heck they got the Taiwan Government to endorse Open Data!
See our agenda of topic discussions and sign up to stay informed here at this link. We intend to make this a regular discussion maybe every 3 weeks for at least the first 3 calls.
  • Aim: To share updates, insights, practices and foster collaborations among Open Data groups across Greater China.
  • Date: Feb 9, 5:30pm HKT (UTC +8)
  • Link: Google Hangouts

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Meet.23: HK Gov – Open Data & Efficiency

Two staffers from the Government Chief Information Officer will discuss what the HK Government is doing with Open Data, the opportunities, the challenges, the roadmap, as well as the outcomes of the recent Data.One competition, and other topics. Staffers will outreach and discuss with ODHK members.
Edit: I regret to inform that the Deputy Government Chief Information Officer Joey Lam will not be able to make it. Two other staffers will attend in her place. 
Our second speaker Kim Salkeld and his staff from the HK Gov Efficiency Unit will briefly discuss the role of his department to modernise government services. The unit is “tasked with pursuing the Government’s commitment to transforming the management and delivery of public services so that the community’s needs are met in the most effective and efficient manner. The unit works in partnership with bureaux and departments across the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to identify opportunities for performance enhancement, design practical solutions, develop compelling business cases, and secure effective implementation.” 


  • 7:00 Networking
  • 7:15 Opening up – what is Open Data, about ODHK (Bastien)
  • Miss Joey Lam, Deputy Government Chief Information Officer (45 mins.)
    • GovHK & Open Data
    • Q & A or moderated discussion
  • Kim Salkeld, Head – Gov HK Efficiency Unit (45 mins.)
    • Role of the Efficiency Unit
    • Potential and possibilities of Open Data for public service modernisation
    • Q & A or moderated discussion
  • Open Data News Roundup, Announcements & short demos of anything
  • Networking, mingling.

Whether you’re already familiar with Open Data or just want to find out what it is, come to our regular meetup. No technical skills required. Come out and meet fellow Hong Kong Open Data enthusiasts.


Tuesday 24 June, at 7pm
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DIFFERENT Location : Good Lab @ Prince!
5th floor of Le Prabelle Hotel, literally a 2-minute walk from Exit C2 of Prince Edward MTR. LITERALLY (click here for a Google Map location).
372 Portland St, Prince Edward, Hong Kong
Thanks to The Good Lab 好單位 for sponsoring the venue at their co-working space!
Whether you’re already familiar with Open Data or just want to find out what it is, come to our regular meetup. No technical skills required. Come out and meet fellow Hong Kong Open Data enthusiasts.

Meet.22: HacKnight (12 June)



Continuing our series of “hack nights” for Open Data enthusiasts to get together and work on open data projects. Come out and meet other Open Data enthusiasts! No you don’t need to be techie, but if you are, and you have a project, join us and get working on them with others! And if you’re not techie, come out, check out the projects, meet others to talk open data, maybe plan a project, strategise!


  • You can present an idea – new or existing, for others to join you on;
  • You can listen to the other ideas and projects, ask questions and join them; or
  • if you have specialized skills, you can float around and offer your expertise.

That’s it! (more…)